Eugene Dalarov


My name is Eugene Dalarov, I am a game writer and a narrative designer.


I’d like to offer services in creating narrative part for your game or visual novel. Here is the tasks to fulfill I am looking for:

  • To create lore for your game from the scratch or work out and polish given draft concepts and ideas

  • To right the storyline for a game (novel) or make an analysis of the given script, pointing out weak moments and suggesting solutions

  • To right legends, character stories, descriptions for locations, monsters and items, creating system for the titles and writing all other game-related texts

  • To develop social media communication approach for the targeted audience to promote game since the early production stage.


I completed BA in social psychology. Studied theory of script-writing with the help of industry acclaimed books and practiced the knowledge working in game industry for 7 years. Throughout the time I wrote a broad variety of texts ranging from news and description to legends and story lines.


I worked for ND Games, Web Interactive World, Bazelevs, Game Insight, NX Studio and as a freelancer completed tasks for 1C, Destiny Development, Red Machine Games and 100500 Games.


Dragon Eternity

Genre: fantasy MMORPG

Platforms: browser, Android, iOS

Publisher: Game Insight

Participation: lore, legends, characters and clans stories, quest story lines and dialogues, system of titles for armor, weapon, magic and all items, news, rules etc.

Starborn Wanderers Universe

Genre: space MMORPG

Platforms: browser

Publisher: Game Insight

Participation: news, quest dialogues, various descriptions, rules and other texts for the game and its site.

Royal Quest

Genre: fantasy MMORPG

Platforms: PC (client)

Publisher: 1C
Participation: developed additional quest lines betweem 20 and 30 levels and wrote all kind of texts for them.

Guns of Boom

Genre: multiplayer shooter

Platforms: was started as a PC project, then turned mobile (Android, iOS).

Publisher: Game Insight

Participation: main legend of the game, descriptions for locations, weapons and maps.

Island Experiment

Genre: farm

Platforms: social networks (fb, vk, ok), iOS, Android

Publisher: NX Studio
Participation: created part of the main story line, wrote quest dialogues for monthly events and adventure trips, wrote character descriptions etc.



For any questions or proposals write to

Писатель напишет тексты для игр. Разработка оригинального сюжета (сценария), придумывание уникальных персонажей и их места в игровом мире, создание предыстории, описание локаций, описание оружия, описание предметов. Написание сюжета для фантастической игры, написание сюжета для фэнтези игры. Тексты для MMORPG. Квесты для MMORPG.

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