Eugene Dalarov


My name is Eugene Dalarov, I am a game writer and a narrative designer.


I’d like to offer services in creating narrative part for your game or visual novel. Here is the tasks to fulfill I am looking for:

  • To create lore for your game from the scratch or work out and polish given draft concepts and ideas

  • To right the storyline for a game (novel) or make an analysis of the given script, pointing out weak moments and suggesting solutions

  • To right legends, character stories, descriptions for locations, monsters and items, creating system for the titles and writing all other game-related texts

  • To develop social media communication approach for the targeted audience to promote game since the early production stage.


I completed BA in social psychology. Studied theory of script-writing with the help of industry acclaimed books and practiced working in game industry for 11 years. Throughout the time I wrote a broad variety of texts ranging from news and description to legends and story lines.


I worked for ND Games, Web Interactive World, Bazelevs, Game Insight, Nexters, RJ Games and as a freelancer completed tasks for 1C, Destiny Development, Red Machine Games,100500 Games.


Dragon Eternity


Genre: fantasy MMORPG

Platforms: browser, Android, iOS

Publisher: Game Insight

Participation: lore, legends, characters and clans stories, quest story lines and dialogues, system of titles for armor, weapon, magic and all items, news, rules etc.

Starborn Wanderers Universe


Genre: space MMORPG

Platforms: browser

Publisher: Game Insight

Participation: news, quest dialogues, various descriptions, rules and other texts for the game and its site.

Royal Quest


Genre: fantasy MMORPG

Platforms: PC (client)

Publisher: 1C
Participation: developed additional quest lines betweem 20 and 30 levels and wrote all kind of texts for them.

Guns of Boom


Genre: multiplayer shooter

Platforms: was started as a PC project, then turned mobile (Android, iOS).

Publisher: Game Insight

Participation: main legend of the game, descriptions for locations, weapons and maps.

Island Experiment


Genre: farm

Platforms: social networks (fb, vk, ok), iOS, Android

Publisher: NX Studio
Participation: created part of the main story line, wrote quest dialogues for monthly events and adventure trips, wrote character descriptions etc.



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